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I'll be there for you until my heart is black and blue....
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Date:2005-10-15 18:05
Mood: curious


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Date:2005-10-15 11:32
Mood: curious


Bold things you've done:

1. I've never been in therapy but I have wanted to be.
2. I've cried over accidentally killing a bug.
3. My favourite non-vocal musical instrument is the harp.
4. I think Andy Milonakis is adorable.
5. I've run into a wall or door intentionally.
6. I've been hit on the head by a ladder. (that was on purpose as well)
7. I've been a third-baseman.
8. I have felt guilty for being heterosexual.
9. I used to plan that I would judge romantic interests on what kind of vehicle of transportation they had, so that I would be different from others
10. I wanted to be 16 when I was 7.
11. I felt 32 when I was 15.
12. I really really really hate carrots.
13. I want to get married.
14. I've spent an unnatural amount of time thinking about how inconvenient standard bandaids are for cuts on finger joints and the palm.
15. I enjoy walking "like a model."
16. I think Ben Stiller movies are just basically Murphy's Law in action constantly.
17. I thought that Jerry O'Connell and Tom Cruise looked really similar.
18. I still think that Jerry O'Connell and Tom Cruise look really similar.
19. I've had crushes on fictional characters.
20. I've never smoked anything.
21. My dad doesn't drink (alcohol).
22. I've shouted the phrase "No mating"
23. My daydreams are more like planning than just vacation.
24. I daydream entire conversations I want to have with someone.
25. My jealous streak is a proverbial mile wide, but only a centimeter deep.
26. I hate any shoe that has a heel taller than 2-and-a-half-inches.
27. I'm short.
28. I'm only photogenic if I'm the photographer.
29. If it were up to me, we would not have feet - we'd just float around and our bodies would just fade below our ankles.
30. I have never had just a plain, brown teddy bear.
31. I have been in the girl scouts.( AND IT SUCKS SO BAD)
32. Most of my friends are younger than I am.
33. I'm of legal driving age but do not have a license.
34. I'm of legal driving age and do not even have a PERMIT.
35. It has boggled my mind that anyone could be named "Apl."
36. I love stuffing (the food, just so you know).

37. My favourite flower is a sunflower.
38. I love bread.
39. I would eat wheat bread if it didn't look like it had a life of its own.
40. I have considered Yale as a prospective college.
41. I want to join a nudists' colony for a week just to see how they handle certain conditions.
42. It seems like an overwhelming percentage of my friends enjoy anime


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Date:2005-10-15 10:27
Subject:Your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could.....
Mood: blah

0-0. So. Has anyone noticed that people sign on AIM as soon as I signed off? Why? how? Will you stop doing that soon? Please?
I felt so sick last night, it was gay. I don't feel sick anymore though.
Did anyone watch wrestling last night? Did anyone see how gay it is? Will someone kill Randy Orton is the most brutal way possible for me? He needs to go bye-bye. Yes you heard me Randall, who went Away-Without-Leave in the army. Oh yes I REMEMBER! What an interesting night that was on Raw. Sissy-Wuss.
I'm watching TNA tonight. In hopes of seeing Jeff Hardy. As always.

SO now that I'm not talking about wrasslin' anymore, here's an update you ALL can understand.
School sucks so bad, wrestling sucks so bad, the fact I drunk all the grape juice without knowing it last night sucks so bad, your mama sucks so ba,d your daddy sucks so bad, LIFE SUCKS SO BAD.

Anywho. SO. Mariah is pissing me off, anyone else? Anyone over there? Anyone over here? Stupid pessimstic, possessive, freak-a-zoid-lesbian bitch. There ya go. So BYES!

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Date:2005-10-14 17:12
Subject:OMG Autumn Pixels is coming back tommorow!
Mood: It's FRIDAY!

Let's get this one started shall we?
First Period- Ashley Gaylord was awesome today, wow. Well we learned about sexual reproduction in animals and miosis. Did you know that when a donkey and a zebra mate they form a Zonkey? It can't reproduce though, the zonkey, because it has an uneven number of chrosomes.
Second Period- I STILL hate it.
Third Period- Rocks my socks, Ms.Larue needs to stop giving us so much homework.
Lunch- No comment
Band- A freeday! Can you say dominoes? We played sherades and I just stood there and did nothing, noone guessed it. Wow. People are stupid.
Math- Was hillarious. This is a door, we cannot walk through the door we have to OPEN it! Someone remind Coy Hewwett about that.
English- I almost got in a fight, with someone who wanted to fight me. That someone is really stupid and I would've killed them, that's why I didn't fight them. Plus I donno about you, but jail in seventh grade is NOT cool.
Homeroom to Pick Up Fundraiser Items- Once again we and Ashley Gaylord were stupid together. STICKER RECUE MISSION NUMBER 01 A SUCCESS! LMAO!

We went to Krogers. I got sunflower seeds and sparkiling grape juice, which is becoming cold for Smackdown tonight. Can you say THE TAKER? I'm listening to Afi. I really have nothing else to talk about except my wrist hurt like mofos. I guess it's doctor time. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-13 18:04
Mood: crazy

Yeah......I um....updated again. I felt like it. I like updating when it really doesn't matter and you've already updated once that day...it just rocks.
School has um, screwed me over. I am tired all the time. I was headed for second period today, and I was trying to keep my feet on a certain square while i was walking because, you all know how the middle school floor is, and I realized i am EXHAUSTED. I'm I the only one who thinks they are gonig to die before this school year is over?
Yeah PFMS. Screw you ho.
I am going to get better grades, having a B is bothering me. It's like A B, I bet I could get an A.....So I'm going to try harder and not get so many B'S. I want A's. Yesh. A's, for they are good and better than B's. B's never bothered me before but now it's like i bET A COULD GET AN A WHERE THAT B IS.
>_< It sucks so bad. I guess it's my dad pressuring us to get A'S. It's like HOT DAMN! It's just like a B, but I guess I could get an A.....Yeah. I'm going to try to get more A'S and less B'S. B's seem like D'S but B's or not even close to D'S because D'S are bad and a B is only a step down from an A but a B seems like a really bad grade. I tihnk that was like the most confusing thing ever. I'm going to get A's this six weeks.
I'm not doing A.R. this year, fuck that. It's not a grade and I'm not really required to do it so NOPE. Not this year, not next year and then I'm out of here so never again shall I participate in A.R.
ok. let's get this straight I HEART READING but when someone comes up like "Read or die mother fucker read or die read or die!" then suddenly when you have to, and you have to read so much and get so many points and suddenly being a kick ass reader is not cool anymore, because you have to read arseloads since your goal is like HUGE. And the books you want to read are below your level, only boring as hell books are on your level, and the awesome books don't exist. To sum it all up, when your forced to read it's not COOL....anymore.
Noone i know that isn't an Ashley Gaylord cares about that stuff anymore.
What is wrong with my friends?
I have one question why is everybody quitting band? It's like I know we have a new director I knows it but christ if I can get over it, and the percussion can get oever it then you can deal with it! By next year Mrs.Terry will just be the norm anyway. We ALL miss Mrs.Mckay and sure Mrs.Terry doesn't exactly teach like her but get over it, move on , and just play. If you can go 2 years without quitting and you really love it than deal with it! I deal with it, sure, yeah Mrs.Terry isn't as OUTRAGOUSLY GOOD as Mrs.Mckay but we are never getting Mrs.Mckay back so deal with the fact ZOMGOMGOMFG MRS.MCKAY IS GONE. Seriously, get over it, do your thing, and then when you graduate high school your out. The End. Then you can leave. If I don't already hate you anyway. Gosh people are stupid.
Not like anybody on my friends list actually applies to that. I just had to say something. Soon we shall morph with the eighth grade ot form the SUPER-OMG-WE-ROCK AND ROLL-ALL NIGHT LONG-SWEET SUZY- band of doom and stuff.....like that.
I want a top locker, as if being tall isn't bad enoguh Terra Draves is right infront of mine and if you say anything that even starts with a T she will threaten you. "SHE'S GONNA KICK YO ASS, BIOTCH." oh yea let me tell ya a little 2 foot 5 blonde with a Green Day poster in her locker is gonna bet me up, I'm so scared I'm shaking in my wee-boots. Oh yes. That haunts my dreams, NOT! She's annoying. The other day she was like "I hope Trey isn't cheating on me" I just broke out laughing I couldn't help it IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD! You hope he isn't cheating on you? Well...LMAO.....um.. do I have some news for you and yoru not gonna like it.
SO. Yeah. I know this is wrong since Kasey is like the biggest HBK fan eva, but. I was looking at her friends page and i realized HHH is the shizzle. Sure, zomg he just...killed Ric Flair with his sldeio-hammer but he's just deliciously evil. @_@ Well. Don't tell Landon he will NEVER EVER leave me alone ><
EMAIL checking time. omg A Taker fan who wants to add me. Sweet.
SO. I am BORED now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-13 17:23
Subject:Dress is a bore.
Mood: content

Hello. I convinced myself I will make a huge update everday, if only for my satisfaction and for the entertainment of others, of course.
First Period- Ashley Gaylord is the most annoying thing in the world in the morning. She spent all homeroom trying to convince me n*Sync and Kelly CLarkson are rock which is.....BEEP! Wrong.
Second Period- Must...restrain from....choking Mackenzie Oliver....that little suck up-wannabe bitch...who could get away with murder....infront of ms.Kile.
Third Period- Goes by so damn slow!
Lunch- Just rocks mah socks.
Band- Everyone got out of class because of 4-H sign-ups. I nominated Tate and omg he won! Take that bitches! Mr.Turner hates me/us. It's not like I'll stay in it though..... :>
Math- Is like w00sh!
English- I hate prepesitions? We had a pep-rally. Rwar....like i care....and stuff.

So that's about it. I need to re-magnetize my locker, everything is falling out. Michael would not stop rubbing it in...he got a damned top locker. The first one of my clique to get one. All the rest of us are cursed to be really tall people with bottom lockers. And the world sucks.
Who read more than Kasey? I read more than Kasey. Booya!
I wish people would STOP updating so much. The layout place I joined KILLED my friends page. Screwed it up like a mo!
WELL.....I guess I'll go now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-12 21:17
Mood: nauseated

I'm doing this one right, ladies and gentlemen.
First period, we had to move desk GAH. Sucked anyway.......I forgot what we did.
Second Period- What happened in second period? Oh yeah i almost fell asleep I remember now.
Third period- was actually entertaining, assigned seats that is.
Lunch- Kicked ass. We had fun karate chopping each other, I discovered i'm pretty decent at that.
Band- A flat scale test. How the hell did I get a 99? I did like nothing wrong, I just stopped to breathe between my D and my Eb. That could've been it. That's stupid though, we all have ot breathe obviously.
Math- What happened in math? Oh shit I almost fell asleep in that too! I hate graphs....
English- I heart english.
Grade-Card recieving time- YES! This was fun like a mo. I know she bugs me alot but me and Ashley had an awesome time FINALLY being able to be stupidly-hyper without one getting pissed at the other again. Sigh.

Grade-cards, oh yes. 3 b's and the rest are a's. Kinda makes me want to try harder though which is wierd because I've never wanted to try harder before. wth.
Drug- dogs came today. Some eigth grader got busted. Booya! I have ammo against Terra Draves, if she ever pisses me off I know she smokes, she told me. Stupid idiot!
Well we did do stuff today. Can you say....Sears! Kinda sucked. My mom wanted to go in some Aeropostle-wanna be shop. And Kasey had just purchased a MaNsOn shirt so my dad's like "Why can't you dress like that?" and that makes me mad. Well do you want to know why we can't dress like preps?
Reason #1- We hardly ever get near an Aeropostle, because someone named Mom who will remain nameless never takes us anywhere.
Reason #2- Hey, how do you expect us to fit into that stuff?
Reason #3- It's hereditary that we are well......big, so how can we wear that pencil-shaped stuff? I mean HOT DAMN!
It got Kasey all pissed, kinda makes me mad. But holy crap dude, it's just gay!

I held a Calico Bear Hamster today. Booya! I also petted a chinchilla, poked birds and poked angry hamsters. Rwar ect.

Band rocks my socks. Well I will get busy on my Jeff Hardy collage now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-11 08:51
Mood: curious

Bold All That Apply!

001: I like my tea with one sugar and just a little milk.
002: I have sharper fangs than anybody I know.
003: Some day's I chain smoke.
004: I have the Union Jack flag hung proudly in my window.
005: I always wanted to slap someone with a dead fish.
006: When I was 2 I climbed into a coffin with my dead grandmother.
007: I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and hate winter.
008: I have recurring dreams that involve buses.
009: I have been hit by a car and enjoyed it.
010: I'm gay.
011: I'm in love.
012: I have another side to my personality who I call Helen. (I call it Don)
013: I was born and semi-raised a Roman Catholic.
014: I am a typical Pisces
015: I want to be a tree.
016: I write poetry.
017: I love my country just not the president.
018: I am addicted to the internet.

019: My favorite alcoholic beverage is white rum and diet coke.
020: My favorite cocktail is a Pina Colada.
022: I was diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety disorder at 15.
023: I have been to Canada.
024: I have met some of my best friends online.
025: I have asthma.
026: I never had a pacifier
027: I have been to stone henge.
028: I don't like going to gigs all that much.
029: I love to run into the ocean fully clothed.
030: I believe that everything happens for a reason.
031: I think that pea's are Satan's vegetable.
032: I tried to be a vegetarian but I love meat too much.
033: I have had more than one bad perm in my lifetime.
034: I am useless at DIY.
035: I don't wear underwear.
036: I am short sighted and need to wear glasses all the time.
037: I hate feet.
038: I was born on the 4th July, independence day
039: I can't wait to be a mother
040: I have been to the theatre in London (I WISH!)
041: I have been to Freud's house.
042: I have stayed in a youth hostel.
043: I believe whole heartedly that there is an afterlife.
044: I think that the human race, and the human condition is beautiful.
045: I used to shop lift.
046: I used to take class A drugs.
047: I consider myself a feminist.
048: I am 100% pro life - abortion = murder. Well it depends on the circumstances but you could always just put it up for adoption!)
049: I was bullied in high school.
050: I was physically and emotionally abused as a child.
051: I used to want to be a nanny or an aupair.
052: I love to sing but I'm not very good at it.
053: I can't dance.
054: I have bad circulation - my feet and hands are always cold.

055: I have eaten real Italian home made ice cream in Italy.
056: Vodka makes me go crazy.
057: As a child I used to think I would grow up to save the world.
058: I miss my baby so much right now.
059: I collect stuffed dogs (the toy kind, not the real dead kind)
060: I love sand dunes.

061: I have tried to surf once and would love to learn how to do it properly.
062: I broke a finger playing basketball.
063: Sometimes I don't remember anything, other days memories consume me.
064: I have been on the subway once and got lost.
065: I used to wet the bed.
067: I have spent a night on the psychiatric ward at the hospital.
068: My best friend in high school was sectioned for 2 years.
069: I have had stitches.
070: I have been attacked and beaten up twice in my life by strangers.
071: I used to be the sixer of my brownie pack.
072: I love rollercoasters.
073: I love thunder storms.
074: I have issues with my father.
075: My mum has multiple sclerosis.

077: I am a god mother.
078: I used to go to church every Sunday.
079: Sometimes I am still afraid of the dark.
080: Sometimes I sense presences in my house that are not alive.
081: I used to play christmas carols on our piano until it got sold.
082: I would love to be able to play the piano properly.
083: I want to be published before I die.
084: I watched every Nightmare on Elm street video when I was 9 years old.
085: I have stolen money from my mothers purse.
086: I love Shakespeare.
087: I was partially deaf as a child.
088: I used to collect snails and make houses for them out of cardboard boxes.
089: I used to think there were different worlds at the top of every tree.
090: I love to be touched.
091: I have set fire to myself.
092: I used to dress up as King Arthur the lion at camelot theme park and get kicked by a lot of snotty kids.
093: I used to have a paper round.
094: The first two people I came out to turned out to be gay as well.
095: I secretly like country music.
096: I have been in therapy.
097: I have ran away from home before.
098: I cannot sleep without music.
099: I have the bladder of a geriatric.
100: I am obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and love Willow & Tara.

That was a bit wierd...here's another...these things are addictive!

Bold the ones that apply

x I have been To New York
x I have been to Maine
x I have been to Maryland
x I have been to California
x I have been to Pennsylvannia
x I have been to Deleware
x I have been to Ohio
x I have been to North Carolina
x I have been to South Carolina

x I have been to New Jersey
x I have been to Georgia
x I have been to Texas
x I have been to Arizona
x I have been to Canada
x I have been to England (I WISH)
x I have been to New Mexico
x I have been to Mexico
x I have been to Michigan
x I have been to Germany
x I have been to a NFL game
x I have been to a NHL game
x I have been MLB game
x I have been to a Britney Spears concert
x I have been to a Greend Day concert
x I have been to a concert before
x I have been to Washington DC before
x I have moved at least once in my lifetime
x I have a sister
x I have a brother

x I ride the bus to school
x I am drinking ice tea
x I am a sports freak
x I wish I was rich
x I hate science class
x I wish I went to a different school
x I have a dog
x I have a cat
x I have been called Crazy
x I have been called Hot (Don't Know How)
x I have been called ugly
x I have a boyfriend
x Guys Rock My socks
x I spend way to much time in the mirror
x I feel sick
x I think im hot
x I think im ugly
x I think im just perfect xoxo

Here's Another...told you they were addictive!

Bold what you Like

x Ryan Cabrera
x Tyler Hilton
x Jesse McCartney
x The Killers
x My Chemical Romance
x The Used
x Green Day

x The Notebook (never seen it...)
x Sixteen Candles
x 50 Cent
x Guns n Roses
x Christmas
x Cleaning

x Swimming
x Chocolate Ice Cream
x Vanilla Ice Cream
x Dogs
x Cats
x Fish
x Hershey Kisses
x The color Pink
x Softball
x Soccer
x Track
x Basketball
x Baseball
x The color Yellow
x The Oc
x Blind Justice
x American Idol
x One Tree Hill
x Buffy the Vampire
x The Real World
x Road Rules
x The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge
x Homework
x School
x Ice Skating
x Coffee
x Sugar SUGAR sugar

x Xanga
x Ice Tea
x Water
x Flip Flops
x Aeropostale
x American Eagle
x Hollister
x PacSun
x Hot Topic
x Claires

x Icing
x Abercrombie
x Movies
x The Mall
x hats

x Lipgloss
x Guys
x The Beach
x Reading
x Surveys

And Another!

I Like SpongeBob
I Think Llamas Are Cool
I Have Seen Napoleon Dynomite

I Like To Eat Chicken
I Love School
I Have A Lot Of Friends
I Take Showers Daily
I Use Aim

I Have A Digital Camera
I Have A Big House
I Have A Xanga
I Have No Pets
I Have A Boy Teacher
I Watch Survivor
I Like Bo Bice On American Idol
I Have\Had A Pet Rock
I Am Scared Of The Dark
My Parents Are Divorced
I Have More Than 30 CDs
I Only Have One Pair Of Shoes
I Love Frogs
I Have A Boyfriend\Girlfriend
I Am Straight
I Like Eggs
My Name Begins With M
I Have A Flat Screen Computer
I Have A TV In My Room
I Have Step\Half Brothers And Sisters
I Watch Reality TV
I Go To The-N.com
I Think Cartoons Are Gay
I Hate Anime
I Swear Like A Sailor
I Think Sailors Are Hott
I Like Pop Music
I Used To Like BackStreet Boys
I Sleep With A Stuffed Animal
I Think I Am Hott
I Think Boys Are Icky
I Have A Crush
I Can Keep A Boyfriend\Girlfriends For Over A Month
I Go To The Movies A Lot
I Hate To Talk On The Phone
I Have A Dvd Player
I Have A Full Size Bed

I Was Born In The Summer
I Am In The Class Of *05
I Have To Wear Uniforms (In band)
I Like To Swim
I Have Been Skinny Dipping
I Like Sand On The Beach (what else would be on a beach)
I Have Flown In A Plane
I Like RollerCoasters
I Want To SkyDive
I Have Been To A Rock Concert
I Watch The Disney Channel
I Am Scared Of Swamps
I Would Go On Fear Factor
I Like Cold Weather
I Snowboard or Ski
I Have Wood Paneling In My Room
I Am Short
I Am Sad This Survey Is Over

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Date:2005-10-11 08:19
Subject:Boo and stuff....yeah.
Mood: anxious

Well Raw sucked last night, and I really don't wanna talk about that because noone cares.
Moving on!
Today was dress like a retard/spray your hair pink day. This is the first ever spirit week I've actually participated and known I was and this crap is fun.
Well ya know what. I will talk about Raw last night.
Everybody I mean EVERYBODY hates Triple H. Vince fired the FANS. He hired us for like a minute and then fired us, well let me tell you something Vince, YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT!
Then he fired J.R. and I have no idea how I will ever be able to watch Raw again without crying....that just plain out sucks.
That's just gay like a mo. I think I'll go on strike.
Band....we finally have an easy song! KICK ASS! I like this song to I can play alone now ^^
Used to be I was to nervous because I have never been alone in the low brass now but now I can't stop playing. RWAR! It's like the Eukranian Bell somethinanother and jingle bells mixed to create the hybird Eukrabeale Jingle March! Or atleast that's what I call it.....
Tate rocks my socks, I think I'll create a fan sign for him. Tate rules. Not as much as me but he rocks.
I will watch TNA tonight at 12:00. I will and you can't stop me! I have to see Jeff Hardy do you have any idea how many people told me I am just like Jeff Hardy? Like 800 people! Actually more like 16 but close enough. How will you stay up Megan you ask? It's called staying up without your parents permission, and I plan to do that.
They will never know, ever know, ever.
English is the best class ever. I get to sit next to Jones and Leizle and Ashley. His real name is Dyllon Jones but we call eachother by our last names so I call him Jones. He responds to it too which is just odd. I can be in the hall and be like "HELLLLOOOOOO JOOOOOOOONEEESSS!" and he just turns around like "HEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO GOFFFFFFF!!!!!" he has a speech problem, an R problem just like I used ot have beofre my 7 years of speech class which have left me scarred for life *SHUDDERS*
Well bye I guess!

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Date:2005-10-10 08:43

Bitches and hos.....I deleted everything (that was ALOT of stuff) i just wrote. I do believe I'll go choke myself with a spoon now. Yes. Goodbye.

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Date:2005-10-09 20:12
Subject:Wow no subject!
Mood: scared

I watched TNA Saturday. Afterwards I felt like I had just backstabbed my beloved WWE. I watched it in hopes of seeing Jeff Hardy since I'm just like him, or so I've been told.
TNA Is cool.
We finally completed the stupid ass batch of insane diva icons. Wow. That took forever. I'm gonig to leave now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-08 14:24

Paranoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Personality Disorder:High
Antisocial Personality Disorder:Low
Borderline Personality Disorder:Very High
Histrionic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Avoidant Personality Disorder:High
Dependent Personality Disorder:High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

-- Take the Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Info --

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Date:2005-10-08 09:44
Mood: amused

I got up at 9:00 and I had the worst dream ever last night, I dreamed it was Friday night and we missed an hour of Smackdown and after that it was Monday night and we missed an hour of Raw. Then I dreamed about prom which is weird because it is a long way away from my prom thank you very much, it was a cool dress though. ._.
So I was estatic about getting up at 9:00 because there's this new thing and it's like Raw in the morning and it comes on at 9:00, it pretty much replays what happened on Raw ._. But the info box says it is edited for the younger audience. Little kids don't wanna see gay crap like that -_- They wanna see the cool crap, believe me I was a little kid once, only about 6 years ago.
My hair is still red, my dad might be coming home tonight *shakes*. I want my dad to come home so bad. =^^=
SO, about Smackdown last night. HAHAHA! For it was Randy Orton and that ugly thing versus Roddy Piper! He is so cool! *_* So anywho it was....I donno....what is was, because I wasn't paying attention? Well I wasn't paying attention to the people I was more like paying attention to the loud DONGS. There was one, nothing happened. It was after this one dong that I realized it, I quickly asked Kasey "KASEY HOW MANY DONGS (dong was said extremely loud) ARE IN HIS ENTRANCE MUSIC?" she replied ".......three." so I discovered after the third dong something was indeed going to happen. So the second dong, the lights go a liiitle bit dark and then just go back up a bit. Then after much anticipation the third dong *_* The lights are off, well it's not completely dark yet. Here come the druids carrying what from far away looks like just a normal coffin but then when Mr.Camera man zooms in "HOLY SHIZZLEMONKS IT'S A COFFIN MADE FOR TWO PEOPLE!". Well 'gad. SO! Moving on to the part were my poor little sister got assaulted with pillows. It is the Undertaker v_v he is on the titantron............omg he is so awesome. *_* He talks about stuff that I don't really hear because in my mind it's more like a swoon-fest. All I heard was "loook in the coffin" and the rest was oblivious to me because I was sitting on the bed like starry-eyed. And so the druids open that coffin-thing and he has fought fire with fire ladies and gentlemen it's two incredibly realistic looking wax figures of Randy and his dad! ^_^ Oh red-jacket lady wishes she could see that! When we went to wrestling after she told us to sit down because we were standing during the Taker match she goes back behind us, stands there and watches the Undertaker like she will glomp him at any second. So HAHA! So the lights are off and gasp here is the Undertaker in teh ring right behind Orton. Wow gad and stuff.. Then Randy grabbed Bob and led him out of the ring like a dog ^o^

So I'm going to go now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-07 17:41
Subject:Bring me back to this what you said useless...
Mood: cheerful

There's this band Called "10 Years" and they are from Knoxville, TN. And I bought their CD at Wal*Mart today. I am so proud of them, being from Knoxville and being so skillful and all. You guys need to listen to some of their music they're from Knoxville keep that in mind, they're called "10 Years" and you can buy their CD 'The Autumn Effect' at Wal*Mart, and keep in mind these people are from Knoxville. I love them for just being from here. There music is really super good too! ^^
So in other news, I am addicted to sunflower seeds. I just can't stop cracking them and eating them. I woke up at 2:45 in the morning a couple of nights ago like "Where are my sunflower seeds!?!??!?" I keep them on my nightstand now ^^
Carnival was today....Haunted House was hillarious! My friends and I went in it 3 times just to laugh. It was funny and they tried so hard for it to be scary ^o^
SmackDown! is tonight. Wonder what will happen? Will Randy replay what happened on Raw? Will Eric Bischoff interrupt Smackdown! just to brag? Will the network guy finally get his ass kicked? Will Vince finally admit he has AIDS? Who knows for we shall soon see!
I vote Randy replays what happens of Raw so Taker can interrupt and network guy finally gets his ass kicked.
Can i vote for two? Who cares!
I finally got an AR book, The Prince and the Pauper, anyone ever read it? It's really good! So I leave now. Bye!
E-D-I-T-::::Hello again I forgot to say something really important. I finally got the nerve to talk to my spirit guide last night, I will NOT reveal his name to you because I haven't asked him if itr's ok yet so I will refer to him as him. SO i finally did and I am going to again tonight because I love you him! Him makes me feel so peaceful and happy. So I will ask him tonight it is ok to tell others about him! So finally and seriously goodbye!

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Date:2005-10-06 01:30
Mood: happy

1. If you won the lottery, would you consider donating a percentage of the money?: Sure!

2. Would you consider getting Botox injections to your armpits to decrease sweating?: No....that's stupid yo.

3. Do you wear a lot of corduroy?: Haha. That's funny.

4. Does the weather have a very large impact on your moods?: Rarely, like if it's raining I'll get tired.

5. If you had a child, do you think your child would have any reason to be ashamed of you?: Hehe Yesh.

6. Do you buy eggnog around the holidays?: No....wait...yesh.

7. Did you play cowboys and Indians when you were a small child?: No.

8. Do you watch your neighbors from your windows?: I watch them from my steps *crazy eye*

9. Do you live within 5 miles of a lake?: Nope.

10. Do you believe that personality is everything?: No. Not EVERYTHING. And I'm not being shallow, I just think they have to be somewhat decent looking (agreeing with Sam)

11. When someone says they love you, do you natrually want to say it back, even if you don't mean it?: No.

12. Do you have any real reason to be depressed?: Yeah but most of it is hereditary.

13. Do you have more respect for the United Nations or the United States? United Nations ^^

14. Is it concieted to consider oneself unique?: Not unless you take it to EXTREMES like some people I know..........(m-a-r-i-a-h)(l-a-u-r-a)

15. Would it fill your heart with joy to see other people crying for you?: It would make me feel meloncholy I guess.

16. Do you think the war in Iraq will end in 2005?: Hey...isn't it already 2005? No....

17. Do you know anyone who has ever been held hostage?: Not personally,

18. If your teenage son impregnated a girl, would you force him to do whatever it took to support her?: I would help her if he refused to.

19. Are angels creepy?: That was another stupid question.

20. Do you think the New England accent is annoying?: I LOVE IT!

21. Which print do you prefer: leopard or zebra?: Zebra, leapord is overrated.

22. Would you break up with someone if you thought they were too pompous and arrogant?: No, if I didn't mind then why would I be going out with them anyway?

23. If you saw a hurt animal, would you try and help it?: Of course!!

24. Do you think there will be another terrorist attack now that Bush is re-elected?: Yes.

25. Should a license be required to have children?: No! That's silly.

26. When on an airplane, do you hope to meet someone interesting sitting near you?: To beat boredom when flying. I've never been in a plane before.

27. Do you come from a large family?: Not immediate family but yes!

28. Would you ever purposely let your country's flag touch the ground?: Yes.

29. Is it difficult for you to decline a date from someone you are not interested in?: No. Not really.

30. Are people in online relationships just fooling themselves?: Yes, it's a waste of time I learned that the hard way....twice.

31. Does it bother you that Rhode Island isn't really an island?: LOL YES!

32. If Hillary Clinton were to leave her husband, would your opinion on her go up or down?: I don't care about her. I don't know her personally, why SHOULD I care?(agreeing with Sam)

33. Do you ever run with scissors?: Hehe yes.

34. Have you done something illegal today?: That was another stupid question.

35. Which is worse: Being labeled, or being a nobody?: Being labeled, because then you have to grow into standards which get terribly annoying when you decided not to wear completely black all the time, because then your someone differen because of the clothes on your back but your still exactly the same.

36. Do you think someone will ever try to assasinate Michael Moore?: Who?

37. What song are you listening to at this very second? (If you aren't listening to anything, turn on the radio.): Hoobastank-Crawling in the Dark

38. Would you rather have a square or a round pizza?: The shape of a pizza REALLY doesn't bother me.

39. Are you afraid of being famous for doing something stupid?: Yes.

40. If the Pope has a liver transplant, is he still infalliable?: wth?

41. Has the world really changed that much since 9/11?: Of course!

42. Do you think the diary of Anne Frank is genuine?: Yes.

43. If your best friend's partner was bisexual, would you approve?: Sure! It's my friends friend so it's fine with meh!.

44. If Satan walked up to you on the street and offered you BBQ Chicken, would you accept his gift?: Eww BBQ no.....

45. Would you say that your country is liked by the rest of the world?: No.

46. Do you feel like the majority of the world is ignorant?: I feel like the majority of this country is.

47. Do you help control anger by writing songs, poems, etc?: No, it makes it worse.

48. Do you view bandanas as gang symbols?: No. They just look stupid.

49. Do you need to "clean up your act"?: No

50. Do you have a celebrity crush?: A wrestler..yes.

51. Are you a good storyteller?: I say "like" and "um" alot so no.

52. Are your computer speakers usually turned on?: Yes.

53. Do you have a life dream that no one else knows about?: Yes.

54. Do puppies melt your heart?: Oh yes! I love puppies and kittens!

55. Do you think that someone who doesn't drink alcohol AT ALL is weird?: No!

56. Are you a racist scumbag?: Like I'm really going to say yes.

57. If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?: You have failed.

58. Do you think Americans are scared of change?: The minority but not mysefl and the people I know.

59. Are Vegan diets healthy?: No. They are quite dangerous, if you're not careful.

60. Do you enjoy watching shows that deal with forensics?: Sickning.

61. At this rate, are you going to Heaven or Hell?: I don't know....

62. Could there be a terrorist attack in your area?: No, unless something happened in Oak Ridge.....then we would all be doomed.

63. Do you worry about food safety?: Rarely.

64. Can bitchy behavior be self-justified?: In some cases yes in some cases no.

65. Do you have over 100 people on your buddy list?: No.

66. Do you relax when you are around animals?: Yes.

67. Would you like to be able to read thoughts?: HECK YES!

68. In your opinion, is it wrong to say "Oh my God!"?: No, I know someone (hate them, rather) who says I'll go to hell for that, people like that piss me off.

69. Do you like your strawberries dipped in chocolate or covered in sugar?: How 'bout just . . . strawberries?

70. Do you think any hip hop songs have good messages in them?: Some, not much.

71. Do you feel sorry for Martha Stewart?: I never really cared about her..

72. Do certain swear words just roll of your tongue?: lol yes.

73. What hurts more, knife cuts or paper cuts?: Knife cuts!

74. When you hug someone, do you wrap your arms around their neck or their waist?: i.....don't like to hug people, it always seemed so strange.

75. Do you use your mind enough?: TOO MUCH!

76. Would you rather own a parrot or a hen?: Parrot

77. Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?: No, but I know a few people including myself who might have it. It's just like having something thaqt bugs you. Like I HATE it when people leave those little paper things on trays 0.o

78. Do you have any idea what you will be doing 10 years from now?: No..

79. Do you pre-plan your meals?: No

80. Pet owners: If your pet was a human, would it be gay or straight?: lol Gay, straight and stragiht.

81. Would you like to be cloned?: No.

82. Do you believe that your name fits your personality?: My name means Pearl.....I don't know.

83. Were your parents born in the same decade?: No.

84. Do you exercise before you eat in the morning?: Getting out of bed is exercize.(agreeing)

85. Were you a pround owner of a snap bracelet?: Used to be.

86. Is it better to be single or in a relationship?: Neither is better than the other. Unless you're in an abusive relationship.(agreeing)

87. Do you think police officers have the right to use a stun gun on a 13-year old?: No.

88. Which is the better way to discipline a child: Discipline them in the way you see fit, but don't abuse them! Don't hurt them too much or hit them too hard.

89. Would you let your child spend the night at Michael Jackson's house?: Oh god no.

90. Do you often forget what day it is?: Yes.

91. Do your grandparents play bingo a lot?: Yes

92. Do you own a copy of Thriller by Michael Jackson?: No

93. Do you prefer reading or writing?: I like them both the same.(agreed)

94. Do you prefer hamsters or gerbils?: Hamsters....

95. Do you think animals have a religion?: No....

96. Are you a powerful person?: People at my school are freaked out by me.

97. Do you think marriage would change who you are?: No....wait...yes...no...I donno.

98. Do you meddle in other peoples’ business?: Sometimes. .

99. Do you think the teenagers who take abstinence vows are probably the ones that weren’t going to have sex in the first place?: Wha? What does that mean abstinence vows?

100. Are you ever attracted to your teachers?: I have never had a guy teacher who wasn't gay! So nope!

101. Do you think your parents have always been faithful to each other?: No.

102. Does the word "hello" seem formal to you?: It drives me crazy because I catch myself saying it a lot. But, yes.

103. Do you think that schools should be allowed to ban un-natural colored hair?: No, it's the students hair,

104. Is it possible to love someone and hate them at the same time?: I've felt like that before alot.

105. Do your eyes change colors from time to time?: Yes.

106. When you sit really still, can you feel your pulse?: Yes.

107. Does cursive handwriting serve any real purpose nowadays?: I don't think the younger kids had the same type of stress we had on us to learn it correctly.

108. Have you ever had melted cheese on your fries?: Yeah but it always taste gross.

109. Have you ever encountered a rude person in a wheelchair?: Yesh.

110. Are you often the last one to understand a joke?: lol no.

111. Has your home been decorated by an interior designer?: No.

112. Do you believe in reincarnation?: Yea.

113. Do you think the government was involved in 9/11?: Why would we do that to ourselves? Of course not!

114. Would you ever kiss someone with no teeth?: No

115. Do you wash your hair every day?: Yes

116. If we keep making exceptions for homosexuals, do you think the next generation of homosexuals will be spoiled brats?: Oh my God. Just let them have equal rights. No big deal. (indeed)

117. Can experience be gained just by reading?: Oh yes!

118. Do you have any gay friends?: Yes

119. Have you ever been to Stonehenge?: Nope

120. Do you consider darts to be a sport?: No.

121. Your first black eye: Did you give it or get it?: I did it to myself, on accident.

122. Is it always better to be safe than sorry?: Well . . . it depends if it's serious or not.(yup)

123. Do you look more at someone’s mouth or eyes when they are talking to you?: I look at my shoes.

124. If you were around second-hand-smoke enough, would you be swayed to smoke yourself?: Almost every adult I know smokes, and I hear how they cough and weeze so NO!

125. Do you think anyone can be an actor?: Yes....maybe.

126. Okay, what song are you listening to now?: Nothing, now.

127. Do you talk just to hear yourself, even when you’re alone?: Yes.

128. Do you think you’ll ever visit the Clinton Library?: I donno..

129. Do you emotionally hurt people on purpose?: People I absolutely positively wish would burn in the fires of hell....YES.

130. Would you date a minister?: HAHA!! NO!

131. On vacation, do you usually take more pictures of landscapes or buildings?: Buildings.

132. Do you think pit bulls should be illegal to own?: They're dogs people! Holy crap!

133. Are your parents willing to help you through college?: Yeah . . .

134. Is it obvious that one of your family members did drugs in the sixties?: Yes.

135. Do you think people worry too much about being open-minded?: No.

136. Are you offended when you see a visitor in your country wearing a crest of their flag?: NO!!! By all means, they should wear it so that we know where they're from and we don't have to ask!!(indeed!)

137. Would you rather master one language, or learn two languages and be average in them both?: Learn two.

138. Do you think that Jesus was just a magician?: No

139. Should ‘freak dancing’ be banned from school dances?: um....possibly....possibly not.

140. If Fox created a sitcom starring Jennifer Lopez, would you watch it?: N-O-Y-O-U-A-R-E-I-N-S-A-N-E

141. Is your monthly cycle so regular that you always know which day you’re going to start?: Yes!

142. Girls: Do you care that when you cry, your mascara runs?: I don't wear makeup....yet.

143. Guys: Do you get all soft when you see a girl crying?:

144. Do you think baseball is a dying professional sport in America?: Kinda.

145. Should America get rid of the electoral college?: Yes!.

146. Can Lindsay Lohan really sing?:No.

147. Are you more creative alone, or with others?: Alone.

148. Does every family have a crazy uncle, or is it just mine?: I don't have a crazy uncle.

149. Do you like green bean casserole?: I donoo

150. Have you ever smuggled anything in to America?: I've never been outside of America.

151. Do you like to play dominos?: Yes.

152. Do you end up making a fool of yourself when you try flirting with someone you really like?: lol yes.

153. Does playing the guitar make a guy more attractive?: No.

154. Do brain teasers make you feel dumb?: No.

155. Did you ever have an Easy Bake Oven?: OOH I LOVE THOSE!

156. Do you enjoy fishing?: Not really.

157. Do you think the Egyptians could have used wind to build the Pyramids?: What? That makes no sense....

158. Beef or pork?: Chicken

159. Was this survey random enough for you?: Sure.

160. Is this the longest random survey you’ve ever taken?: Nope.

X. Starting time: 6:23 PM
X. Name: Megan
X. Nicknames: Don, Vampire Don, Don Black, Woodlandfae, Ms.Megan, The Baby Tuba, Lady Baritone, Meganator, that weird thing,
X. School: Pigeon Forge Middle School
X. Eyes: Hazel
X. Height: 5"7/8ish
X. Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
X. Ever helped somebody cheat?: Yes....oh what a tangled web I weave.
X. Missed school b/c it was raining: Oh yes!
X. Set any body part on fire for amusement: Yes, but setting stuff of fire for amusement yes.
X. Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
X. Had an imaginary friend?: Yes.
X. Wanted to hook up with a friend: Kinda.
X. Cried during a Flick: Yeah...

X. Had a crush on a teacher: Ew no.
X. Ever thought an animated character was hot: Yesh 0.o
X. Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: No
X. Prank called someone:Hehehehe Mariah, Laura, Kasey, Wal*Mart, The Waffle House, The Videogame Store, The Movies, a bunch of sutff!
X. Been on stage: Why I do believe so.


X. Shampoo: Garniere...ooooh fancy/
X. Colors: Green, red, Flippin,
X. Day/Night: Night
X. Summer/Winter: Winter
X. Online Smiley: 0.o, :_, o_0, =^^=, 0.,.0, all of the animals me and Sam created.
X. Like anyone: Favorite Like Anyone? Not answering
X. Known the longest of your friends: Sara Meyers
X. Name your best friend(s): Too Many to name
X. Who's the loudest: Ashley freakin Gaylord
X. Who's the shyest: Ashley Owenby
X. Who do you go to for advice: Sam or Ashleigh

----------IN THE LAST 2 Weeks------------

X. Cried: yes...
X. Cut your hair: Dyed it...
X. Worn a skirt: No
X. Been mean: If I was I didn't realize I was being mean
X. Been sarcastic: plenty 'o times
X. Missed someone: Yes
X. Hugged someone: Yes
X. Fought with your parents: Yes
X. Wished upon a star: Yes
X. Laughed until you cried: yes
X. Played Truth or Dare: no
X. Watched a sunrise/sunset: No
X. Went to the beach at night: No
X. Read a book for fun: No
X. Ate a meal: Yeah
X. Are you lonely?: No
X. Are you happy: most of the time
X. Are you talking to someone online: yes

------DO YOU BELIEVE IN....-----

X. God/Devil: Yes
X. Love: Yes
X. The Closet Monster: No
X. The Big Bang Theory?: No
X. Heaven/Hell: Yes
X. Superstitions: Yes
X. What is your full name? Megan Christene Goff
X. Who named you?: My Mom and dad.
X. Backstreet Boys or N Sync? Neither....
X. When was the last time you showered? About 20 minutes ago.
X. What was the last thing that you said online? I'm on the BRB yo
X. What is right next to you?: the computer room wall
X. What is your computer desk made of? idk
X. What was the last thing that you ate? Sunflower seeds! I swear to God I'm an addict!
X. What is your favorite state?: Georgia!
X. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?:Europe *_*
X. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: idk
X. How many buddies do you have on your list: idk
X. How's the weather right now?: Rainy and dreary
X. What did you do last night?:Watched South Park!
X. What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? can have a conversation
X. Favorite hair color in the opposite sex: doesnt matter
X. Pizza or ice cream? ice cream
X. How do YOU eat an Oreo? Creme first then the icky black part that in my mind has no name.
X. Dream car? Hummer H3!
X. What do you want to be when you grow up? Proffesional Musician
X. Favorite music?: Rock/Alternative/opera
X. Least favorite time of the year: Late Summer
X. Fast or slow?: slow
X. Did you notice that number 90 was missing?: no because there are all X's and no numbers.
X. If you could change your name, what would it be?: Don ._.
X. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No.
X. Have you ever been in love? I was in love with them but they arent in love with me
X. What will your first son's name be?: I always liked Damien and/or Adrien.
X. Favorite drink?: Dr.Pepper or Vault
X. Do you like scary or happy movies better?: Happy
X. Lust or Love?: Love
X. Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: Not really.
X. Do you want your friends to do this survey?: I don't care
X. When's your birthday? February 22
X. How old will u be?: 13
X. Time done? 6:35

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Date:2005-10-06 00:17
Subject:Here we see the Toast-King talking in his moon-phone, long distance....
Mood: chipper

I need to go to a doctor to get my wrist looked at for they are 100 times worse now. ;~;
They hurt so bad. ;~;
So, school carnival tommorow, no band for me! Since it is during activity time and all. We have like 1000 pieces of music! Like 11 actually. I've got it down but the rest of the band doesn't. And it sucks so bad! We have all the norm for Veterans Day, and for Christmas we have alot of other crap. And I am the only person in low brass. Makes me so happy there is NO band tommorow. I need ot hang out more with mah friends anyway. So, I died my hair. And I got a ton of complliments today from "That looks like the best color on you" to "That makes you look smarter". How can hair color make one look smarter? Who knows.
I am so excited about the Carnival tommorow! Yays! So bye!

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Date:2005-10-05 19:27
Subject:This road I walk is paved with the broken promises I've made....
Mood: curious

I dyed my hair yall! It's like purple-red! I love it! It's only temporary though, an 8-10 day thing but fear not if I don't get kicked out of school for having an unnatural hair color I won't redye it! Will not! Because I want to get my natural hair color back ASAP. I like the purple-red but everybody thinks I'm crazy for dying it, even if it is temporary.
Why is everybody quitting band? The first time the low brass has like 4 solos in music all the low brass except for me quits. Everybody in my section is gone. And the tuba player wonders why I'm mad at him? People, even if that person doesn't play it's nice to have someone else in your section with you, if only to know they're their. I'm going to shut up about this subject now because it makes me mad.
I saw The Corpse Bride yesterday and I have one thing to say....there's an eye....in me soup...
So I'm going to leave to find icons now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-03 18:57
Subject:0_0 Mew
Mood: depressed

....I forgot what I was going to say......people....need.....to....stop.....living....in....the....past.
I wand OUT of Beta! It sucks ass! Autumn Pixels needs to open back up! People need to stop being so stupid because other people screw up their candles that only cost 25cents because it is STUPID to get pissed at the other people for that! WHAT DO YOU THINK KASEY? People need to stop looking at me like I'm the freakin scum of the Earth! Don't you think so Ashley Goff? BITCHES AND HO'S! My family needs to stop hating me! I WANT OUT OF CHURCH AND OUT OF THIS HOUSE! I have been stuck in this house for 6 weeks and the only thing I get out for if for school, church and if I'm lucky OMG WAL*MART. My mom needs to do something except sleep! That's all she does is sleep all the time! v_v PEOPLE NEED TO THINK AND STOP BEING SO STUPID AND IRRITATING. HOT DAMN!

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Date:2005-10-02 18:27
Subject:Busy burger!
Mood: crazy

Guess what I watched all the way through today? The Shining! I must go to Red Rocket tommorow and buy mahself that poster. Jack Nicholson makes the best crazy guy ever. He's an awesome actor. I loved it so much! I'm going to watch it again tonight before I go to bed if I can. I haven't been to satisfied with a scary movie in a long time. Even though it it old, it was made in 1980, it's awesome. I like it because it has very good acting in it, has an intriging plot, and I mean come on people scary movies are crappy now, there isn't one that doesn't end in OMG ALIENS, so even if I do have to watch 25 year old movies to see a good horror film for once I will. :) Happy now? xD
So to the other happenings of today........wow....that's odd because simply nothing else happened today! REDRUM YO! So I will go playt games on crazymonkeygames.com now. Byes!

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Date:2005-10-01 23:27
Subject:We don't wanna cause it pain :p
Mood: disappointed

WELL THEN. Looks like I updated! Wow. So, seventh grade is neutural. Which means it isn't good and it isn't bad. I can't go through a whole day without getting hit in the head with something, whether it be Ashley Gaylord's locker door or Terra Drave's elbow. I always get hit in the head with something.
On the other hand, I can do anything I want. I can skip through the halls singing Katamari on the Swing between classes and noone cares. I can be jumping ontop of benches and backpacks before lunch and noone notices. Which is awesome. So alright :p
Band has been certified awesome because we have fallen back in line now and we can actually play pretty good. It's called Latin Fire, and it's only the best sheet music ever. Music such as America The Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner which most people consider the best songs ever written we can play through flawlessly. So don't tell me PFMS Seventh Grade Band sucks! >_<
I got a standing ovation for my E flat scale. =^^=
Something died in my homeroom Thursday so my homeroom class had to deal with the smell of decay and rott for an hour and ten minutes. Only to discover Friday it was a dead rat in Mrs.Puckett's desk. I knew it smelled like something dead!
Wrestling kicked much ass Friday night. Bob Orton challenged The Undertaker for a match! LMAO! It was great. I even got my dad to watch it with meh. We all knew Randy would come out. And he did. But Taker still kicked much ass.
I haven't watched all of the Shining yet! AAGH! I have to wait until Ashley gets here to watch it with my dad, Kasey, and her because it's the "polite thing to do".
0_0 My band, S.A.M.M. Corp, which stands for Sara Ashley Michael and Megan (which is me), is never going ot get anywhere since Ashley Gaylord has to give her ok to everything before we can do anything, and because Ashley Gaylord is evil and needs to die. And because Ashley Gaylord talks to much, does drugs, drinks alcohol, and is full of crap that is why S.A.M.M. Corp is never getting anywhere. Thanks alot Ashley Gaylord. *makes mental note to kick her out* She's pissing Sara and Michael off too. 0_0
She should go die....somewhere. She is so annoying. She follows me everywhere, insults me, hits me and attacks me all the time, says I lie when she's the actual one not telling the truth, cheats off me on test, and all that gay crap.
I don't have to go to church tommorow. *dances* My preacher, Wayne who also happens to be my uncle somehow, thinks I'm a satanist because I celebrate Halloween and like rock music. WELL LET ME TELL YOU ONE THING, WAYNE, I WILL LISTEN TO MY ROCK MUSIC AND CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN AND I WILL LOOOOOVE IT! I WILL LOOOOVE IT ALL HALLOWEEN NIGHT LONG! Thank you Mr.Sir!
I swear the man could think up something satanist about Jesus Christ if he tried hard enough.
Well I g2g now. Byes!

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